Arms Trade

Over a hundred thousand people died in armed conflict in 2011 alone. While the people suffer corporations profit. Arms manufacturers and traders press for the adoption of new military technologies by states and lobby for ever more aggressive policies in order to sell their products and create new markets.

The expansion of corporate power requires an increased militarisation of society to protect it. The arms traders profit from this militarisation and help to drive forward militarist policies. From new wars over natural resources to imperial interventions to crush popular uprisings the corporate-driven militarisation of national and international politics is gathering momentum. New invasions, occupations and interventions prompt technological developments that are changing the face of warfare and creating new oppurtunities for profit.

Developments in drone technology, for example have allowed the US and Israel to wage attacks without ever setting foot on 'enemy' soil or officially announcing a state of war. Increasingly these technologies are also used on domestic populations in times of 'peace' to protect corporate interests. For example, drones, field tested against the people of Gaza, are used to police Chevron's refineries in Angola while so-called 'non-lethal' weapons, tested on the battle grounds of the US' war of terror are used to subdue public anger in the Global North.

Corporate Watch aims to provide information-for-action and analysis to social movements seeking to challenge the power of arms traders, 'security' companies, the lobbyists pushing for more conflict and the politicians seeking to use military force to generate and protect profit for ruling elites and corporations.