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What’s up with biomass gasification?

Almuth Ernsting from the campaign group Biofuelwatch looks at biomass gasification

Five Quarter down, Cluff next?

Five Quarter down, Cluff next? Campaigners are celebrating the news that

Palestinian solidarity for parents

Demolition of a home in East Jerusalem, as depicted by a

How can we destroy capitalism?

Corporate Watch’s new publication, ‘Capitalism, What is it and how can

Cancun’s mangrove swamp destroyed for building complex

An update on Almudena Serpis’ previous article on the importance of

What to make of COP21?

A couple of grassroots activists who are members of the Corporate

The Foster Care Business

Almost 86,000 children were in foster care in the UK last

Ecocide of mangrove swamps bringing catastrophes ashore

Mangroves are among the most powerful natural defences against global warming.

Capitalism or the World

Throughout 2015 Corporate Watch has been organising a series of workshops

‘Home care should be a public service’

Mary Bell was a carer in Havering for 10 years, working

Undercover policing and the Pitchford Inquiry

Writing for Corporate Watch, the Undercover Research Group give their take

Carer sues MiHomecare

Carer sues MiHomecare for not paying minimum wage A carer is

A Midas Care worker speaks out

‘Frustrated and disappointed’: a Midas Care worker speaks out After reading

Controversial courier company sending millions offshore to owners

UPDATE 06/01/16: After mounting pressure from couriers, Citysprint have agreed to

Frackanpada: Building the European anti-fracking movement

International anti-fracking camp to take place in Basque Country in July.