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Court hears detainee death only costs £10,000 fine

The Information Tribunal heard an appeal today by the Home Office

Deportees tied up ‘like animals’

Inspectors have raised concerns after finding people’s arms are being tied

Detainee healthcare ‘unsafe’ and ‘alarming’

Doctor: detainee healthcare ‘unsafe’ and ‘alarming’ A doctor told an inquest

Mitie profits over £2m from detention

Mitie profits over £2m from detention centres despite criticisms Mitie Care

‘Self-audit’ system for detention centres revealed

Home Office ‘self-audit’ system for detention centres revealed The government’s system

Home Office told to publish confidential reports on migrant detention sites

The Information Commissioner has ordered the Home Office to disclose confidential

Are £1-an-hour jobs legal?

As a hybrid of prison labour and sub-zero hours exploitation, the

‘It’s gonna break’: life in UK’s biggest detention centre

Secret filming reveals conditions inside Harmondsworth immigration detention centre for the

Child detained for two months ‘by mistake’ at Mitie centre

A child was locked up for 62 days “by mistake” at

Tahir Mehmood inquest: Tascor guards give evidence

Medical staff at a Manchester Airport holding centre did not see

Detained migrant workers slam low pay

By Phil Miller. Names have been changed to protect identities. Sitting