Corporate Structures

What is a corporation? Why are they so harmful? Can it be socially responsible?

This project looks into the legal structure of corporations, examines rights and duties, and analyses how legal rights and obligations influence corporate behaviour and what changes must be made to corporate structures (or what structures must replace corporations) in order for corporate social responsibility to become a reality instead of a PR buzzword. As part of this work, Corporate Watch has produced two ground-breaking reports.

Corporate Law and Structures - Exposing the Roots of the Problem offers an in-depth look at the basic structural problems which lead corporations to commit such widespread crimes against society and the environment. Corporate law and structures begins by explaining some key aspects of company law for the benefit of non-lawyers.

Corporate Social Responsibility? or Complete Sidelining of Reality? Can big business be part of a sustainable future? or is the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) a contradiction in terms? This report explores how CSR has evolved, what corporations get out of it, and what a truly social responsible corporation would look like.