Immigration and asylum is one of the most contentious areas of British politics, as shown by the rise of UKIP and recent legislation. It is also at the cutting edge of privatisation. The Home Office outsources all asylum accommodation in the country to three multinational companies (G4S, Serco and Capita), and over two thirds of the UK's immigration detention centres are run by a handful of global corporations.

There is mounting evidence that these contractors are systematically negligent and provide poor services. However, this is routinely overlooked by the immigration authorities and politicians. One of society's most disadvantaged and marginalised groups, and the problems they encounter daily, are easily ignored or discounted. Without access to resources, they are often unable to voice their grievances and concerns. The result is that a few big companies are able to make vast profits, while compounding the misery of an already vulnerable group of people.

This Corporate Watch research project investigates the private companies involved in the UK detention and deportation system. It aims to expose the systematic failures and abuses that occur, and the policies and practices that enable them to continue.

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