Arms Trade

Gaza: Life beneath the drones

Unpiloted aircraft, known as drones, have become Israel’s weapon of choice

Israel Aerospace Industries: new company profile

Israel Aerospace Industries is one of Israel’s biggest arms companies. Founded

Honeywell components used to bomb Gaza last Summer

Components manufactured by US firm Honeywell were used to bomb a

Elbit: new company profile

Elbit Systems, based in Haifa, is Israel’s largest publicly traded arms

Israel Aerospace Industries Company Profile

Israel Aerospace Industries is one of Israel’s biggest arms companies. Founded

Turkish military vehicle supplier exhibiting in Birmingham next week

A company which boasts that it is “the main supplier to

How MagForce violates arms controls

Corporate Watch has today published its dossier on the French arms

Barclays Stockbrokers facilitating investment in arms trade

Barclays Bank claims that it is “not an investor in the

Solidarity campaigners plan demonstration at Elbit Systems

Friday 17th October 2014, 1-3pm Stop arming Israel – Demonstration at

MagForce International Company Profile

MagForce (or Mag Force) International is a military equipment manufacturer based

What it means to survive a drone attack

“On 6 November 2006, I was waiting for a bus to

UK subsidiary of Israeli drone manufacturer shut down in Gaza protest

A UK subsidiary of the Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit was shut

Ecotricity promises to drop G4S

As the bombs continued to rain down on Gaza, on Saturday

Calls for direct action as Magforce prosecution collapses

Anti arms trade activists who have been taking a prosecution against

Thatcher backed Ugandan crackdown

Iron Lady endorsed British mercenaries training Ugandan paramilitary unit in conflict