Arms Trade

‘Prevent these Israeli war crimes that kill our dreams and kill our children’

Unpiloted aircraft, known as drones in the arms industry, have become

Arms dealers appear in court accused of selling illegal torture equipment

French arms dealers Magforce appeared at Thames Magistrates Court yesterday to

Anti militarists launch private prosecution against arms companies

A statement by the activists lawyers reads: “Hodge Jones & Allen

Boris Johnson at MIPIM: the world’s largest property fair

Think of any community in the UK (or even worldwide) currently

Cases dropped against arms fair campaigners

This week the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) discontinued a case against

Ahava blockaders’ Supreme Court appeal fails, but campaign remains victorious

An appeal to the Supreme Court by two campaigners against the

Putting the arms trade on trial

By Stop the Arms Fair This February, several activists are on

Gaza: Life beneath the drones

In the Gaza Strip there is no escape from Israel’s drones.

Campaigner followed from home by Counter Terror Command

An activist involved in the campaign against the forthcoming NATO summit

Letter of support from organisations in Gaza to DSEi arms fair Defendants

  Hundreds of Palestinians have come out in support of the

BDS workshop draws dozens of farmers and agricultural officials in Gaza

From International Solidarity Movement, Maria del Mar Fernandez and Mohammed Abedullah

Photos of Israeli tear gas canisters fired at Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza ‘buffer zone’

On 2nd November 2013 Israeli forces fired tear gas at Palestinians

Research in Gaza, November 2013

The Corporate Occupation research team will be in Gaza during November

FOR SALE: Top UK riot cops. EXPORT: To war zones and dictators

Meet Ineqe Group, the Belfast security consultancy with a bizarre mix

Corporate Watch condemns police harassment

Corporate Watch researchers are repeatedly subjected to police harassment: This year,