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How it works: the quoted Eurobond dodge explained

In 1984 the Government introduced the “quoted Eurobond exemption”, a little-known

Eurobonds scandal: The high street giants avoiding millions in tax

In the third part of our investigation into the biggest corporations

Birds Eye, Carling, McVitie’s avoiding millions of pounds in tax

The companies behind some of Britain’s best-selling beer, biscuits and frozen

Sub-prime lender Swift Group, PHS and Moto also using loophole to avoid tax

A sub-prime mortgage lender that was threatened with having its licence

The other energy scandal – power giants use loophole to cut their own tax bills

As people buckle under the pressure of soaring energy bills, Corporate

Gatwick Airport, ports, M6 Toll Road, Channel Tunnel rail link (HS1) accused of ‘outrageous’ tax avoidance

The costly Channel Tunnel rail link, Gatwick Airport and the disastrous

Firms running NHS care services avoiding millions in tax

  Companies receiving lucrative government contracts to run care services looking

Jackpot: Camelot avoided £10m in tax from lottery – thanks to Canadian teachers

Camelot, the company behind the National Lottery, has avoided millions of

Wonga’s Swiss Wangle: payday lender moving money to tax haven

Payday loan firm Wonga has moved key parts of its business

Classic FM, Capital and Heart Radio owners pay no UK tax after sending millions offshore

  This is Global, the UK’s biggest commercial radio company with

Cyprus: the failed seizure of bank deposits

  Cyprus is the fifth country to fall into the Troika’s

The Carbon Carousel: VAT Tax Fraud

We are only half way through 2010, but, as in previous

Offset Credit ‘Recycling’ Causing Waves in Carbon Markets

A major scandal has erupted over the practice of ‘recycling’ offset

Modern Autoreduction? Financial protests continue

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside The Stock Exchange in the City