Iraqi deportations: the airlines helping the Home Office deport refugees to war zones

The Home Office is trying to deport dozens of refugees to

Struggles for autonomy in Kurdistan

Kurdistan is currently divided between four countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria and

Democratic confederalism in Kurdistan

Lead photo caption: A commune meeting in Amude in Rojava’s Cizîrê

‘They stole my childhood’: The trauma of being a Kurdish child in the 1990s in Turkey

Lead photo caption: Children attending a demonstation in the cemetery in

International arms companies make a killing in Turkey: a case study of the Roboski Massacre

Lead Photo: Servet Encü in the village where he was born,

British company FDAS under scrutiny in Iraqi Kurdistan after 30 people lose sight

Thirty people in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, lost sight in one or

Air Italy pulls out of deportation contract after pressure from campaigners

Air Italy, the airline that carried some 40 Iraqi refugees to

Flying people to torture and death

A Brighton family was forcibly deported to Algeria last week on

Shell ‘wins’ Iraq gas contract

Oil giant Shell has recently won the Big Oil race to

Cracking the Contracts

In January 2003 Middle Eastern Peace Envoy Tony Blair, then Prime

Corporate Carve Up: UK Companies In Iraq : Iraq wasn’t sold in a day

  How UK government and industry groups facilitate the corporate occupation.

April 25, 2007 : News in Brief


Newsletter 27 : 6/7 – Private Military and Security Companies In Iraq

  All companies listed below, based on the latest information, are

Corporate Watch : G8 Report : Scotland PLC: The military and the arms trade in Scotland

Scottish land has for a long time played a key role