Struggles for autonomy in Kurdistan

Kurdistan is currently divided between four countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria and

From Fascist to anti-militarist: An interview with a Turkish ex-soldier

By Tom Anderson and Eliza Egret Yannis Vasilis Yaylalı was brought

Democratic autonomy in North Kurdistan: An interview with the Democratic Society Congress

Photo caption: Workers at a honey cooperative near Wan (Van in

Democratic confederalism in Kurdistan

Lead photo caption: A commune meeting in Amude in Rojava’s Cizîrê

‘They stole my childhood’: The trauma of being a Kurdish child in the 1990s in Turkey

Lead photo caption: Children attending a demonstation in the cemetery in

International arms companies make a killing in Turkey: a case study of the Roboski Massacre

Lead Photo: Servet Encü in the village where he was born,

Turkey’s bloodiest massacre and displacement of the Kurds since the 1990s is happening now

Photo caption: Kurşunlu mosque in Amed. Damage is from bombardment by

Women on the frontlines of Kurdish struggles: An interview with JİNHA women’s news agency

In 2015, Corporate Watch visited Bakur (meaning ‘North’ in Kurmanji), the

Turkish military brutality in Diyarbakır

The Kurdish city of Amed (Diyarbakır in Turkish), is currently under

The struggle for autonomy in North Kurdistan: Voices from Cizre

People in cities across North Kurdistan (the part of Kurdistan within

Companies profit while Turkish police murder Kurds

As Turkish police murder Kurds, companies still make a profit Hundreds

Save Hasankeyf, Stop the Ilısu dam

We are releasing this article on Sunday 20 September. There is

Support Nûdem Durak

This year, Kurdish singer Nûdem Durak was sentenced to ten and a

Building autonomy in Turkey and Kurdistan

Building autonomy in Turkey and Kurdistan: an interview with Revolutionary Anarchist

‘Gezi will never die’: Two years on from the Gezi Uprising

Over the coming months Corporate Watch will be releasing a series