Honeywell components used to bomb Gaza last Summer

Components manufactured by US firm Honeywell were used to bomb a

Elbit: new company profile

Elbit Systems, based in Haifa, is Israel’s largest publicly traded arms

Israel Aerospace Industries Company Profile

Israel Aerospace Industries is one of Israel’s biggest arms companies. Founded

‘They get money and they cost our lives’ – Gaza: Life beneath the drones part six

Photo Caption – An Israeli surveillance balloon over a house in

Family forced from their home by Israeli drone attacks

This is part five of our series of articles focussing on

Trading under siege: the dying export industry in the Gaza Strip

Corporate Watch researchers visited the Gaza Strip during November and December

Palestinian women’s union calls for boycott of Israel

In December 2013, Corporate Watch interviewed Taghrid Jooma of the Union

Gaza life beneath the drones: Part Four

Click here to read parts one, two and three. This article

Barclays Stockbrokers facilitating investment in arms trade

Barclays Bank claims that it is “not an investor in the

Solidarity campaigners plan demonstration at Elbit Systems

Friday 17th October 2014, 1-3pm Stop arming Israel – Demonstration at

What it means to survive a drone attack

“On 6 November 2006, I was waiting for a bus to

UK subsidiary of Israeli drone manufacturer shut down in Gaza protest

A UK subsidiary of the Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit was shut

Ecotricity promises to drop G4S

As the bombs continued to rain down on Gaza, on Saturday

Tesco: the boycott that wasn’t

Firstly, the changes do not refer to all produce but only

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions in Gaza: empowering action

As we write this there is an ongoing massacre in the