Palestinian prisoners’ association calls for the prosecution of G4S

Hussam Association, a Gaza based organisation of current and former Palestinian

Corporate Watch condemns police harassment

Corporate Watch researchers are repeatedly subjected to police harassment: This year,

Fighting repression of our movements

Tom Anderson, a researcher for Corporate Watch, has been stopped under

G4S complicit in the illegal imprisonment of internet activist by Israel

Sireen Sawafteh, who is active in the non-violent campaign for human

Killings and repression but anti-Posco struggle remains defiant

This article was originally published by FOIL Vedanta here.   On

G4S Company Profile

As security company G4S has grown, it has expanded the range

Riots in Bristol against Tesco and police repression

An attack on the radical community of Stokes Croft in Bristol

DFID in India VI: False promises

  The final part of the Dodgy Development: DFID in India

Whose agenda do reports of ‘eco-terrorism’ serve?

De-Press-Ing: Whose agenda do reports of ‘eco-terrorism’ serve?   On 9

UK Companies in Iraq

  Corporate Carve Up: UK Companies in Iraq – Top Ten