Social Control

Tahir Mehmood inquest: Tascor guards give evidence

Medical staff at a Manchester Airport holding centre did not see

Will the Supreme Court give police the ‘right’ to mass surveillance?

Pictured above – John Catt, who took a case against the

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Photo Caption – An Israeli surveillance balloon over a house in

Home Office contractors ‘expected to lie’, inspection reveals

Security guards from Capita-subsidiary Tascor were “expected to lie” to people

Facebook killed the internet star: reflections on radical media

In September, the SchNEWS radical media collective issued a statement saying

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Secret filming has found asylum-seekers are being held in squalid conditions

£1 minimum wage for migrant workers

Corporate Watch is starting an investigation into the scale of detainee

Neglect verdict at Brian Dalrymple inquest

• Home Office contractors agree “significant” financial settlement • 77-year-old locum

‘Prevent these Israeli war crimes that kill our dreams and kill our children’

Unpiloted aircraft, known as drones in the arms industry, have become

Avoiding accountability: Life in Ramleh prison hospital

Corporate Watch has been investigating the companies involved in the Israeli

‘If you don’t fight, you’ve already lost’

Debbie Vincent, an animal rights activist from the Stop Huntingdon Animal

Ex-oil and gas worker among those convicted for blockading Cuadrilla

Four out of nine anti-fracking campaigners have been found guilty of

Animal rights activist convicted as repression of activists in the UK intensifies

An animal rights activist has been convicted of conspiracy to blackmail

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Review: Crisis-Scape’s new film invites us in to the shadows of

Ahava blockaders’ Supreme Court appeal fails, but campaign remains victorious

An appeal to the Supreme Court by two campaigners against the