Coming Soon: Corporate Watch Guide to Technology

Corporate Watch will soon publish a new book: ‘TECH: A Guide to the Politics and Philosophy of Technology’, continuing our long standing focus on technology.

For as long as Corporate Watch has been around we have worked on technology related issues. Back in the ’90s we supported the anti-Genetic Modification movement which had huge successes in opposing corporate controlled genetically modified organisms (GMOs) being forced on an uninformed and unwilling public.

Since then we have continued to report on, and investigate, corporate controlled technologies and their social and environmental impacts. To give just a few examples:

In 2007, we produced investigations into nanotechnologies and nuclear energy.

We published a groundbreaking report in 2008, ‘Technofixes: a critical guide to climate change technologies‘, assessing various proposed technological ‘solutions’ to climate change, as well as critiquing the ‘technofix’ mentality.

In 2013, we documented how Israeli drone technologies used in on attacks on Gaza had affected the people that live there. compiled a critical summary of fracking and the technologies used to extract other unconventional fossil fuel such as tar sands in 2014.

In all of this work a common theme of destructive corporate controlled technology rears its ugly head.

But looking a little deeper, what is behind the dominant attitudes towards technology and the role it plays in society? How does it reflect understandings of, and relationships with, the natural world? How does all of this relate to capitalism and the state?

Our soon to be published book ‘TECH’ tackles these questions head on, tying together the technological threads that run across the various campaigns and struggles we have supported over our history. Avoiding the academic style common to writing on the subject, it presents an accessible summary of critical thinking on technology. It looks at the relationships between technology, nature and society, and considers how technological relationships might be shaped in future.

We are at a unique moment in human history – an ecological precipice, perhaps a social tipping point. Whatever path we take, unravelling technology and the dilemmas it presents will give us a clearer view of the horizon ahead of us.


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