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A Corporate Profile


By Corporate Watch UK

Completed November 2004

Further Information and Resources



Anti-Wal-Mart websites with the opinions of some employees and some good links:

Sites for current and former employees trying to assert their rights

Related campaigns

Retail sector analysis



  •" The web page which shows USA lobbying groups’ and businesses' activities in Federal Government.
  • How Wal-Mart is destroying America, Bill Quinn, 1998, Berkeley, California. A book documenting Wal-Mart’s 90’s activities in the USA
  • No Logo, Naomi Klein
  • Not on the Label, Felicity Lawrence 2004
  • Shopped:The Shocking Power of British Supermarkets, Joanna Blythman 2004

News articles

    •,,1179164,00.html This article doesn't mention Asda specifically, but is useful to read and offers a good insight into the employment culture supermarkets encourage. Most of these workers aren't employed directly by the supermarkets, but hired out to factories for packaging or processing by agencies, thus conveniently taking the responsibility for their welfare away from supermarkets.