BAE Systems: Who, Where, How much?

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A Corporate Profile

By Corporate Watch UK

Completed June 2002


Who, Where, How much?





Warwick House,

PO BOX 87,

Farnborough Aerospace Centre,



GU14 6YU,


Tel no. 0044 (0)1252 373232

Fax no. 0044 (0)1252 383000

London office address

6 Carlton Gardens,




Tel no. 0044 (0)1252 373232

Fax no. 0044 (0)1252 383991

An extensive list of the company’s offices worldwide, including those of its subsidiaries, can be found on the company’s website at:

Significant shareholders

BAE SYSTEMS divides its different interests into business groups, each of which is overseen by one of three COOs (Chief of Operations). Only three companies hold over 3% of the shares issued by BAE SYSTEMS; Franklin Resources Inc (6.2%), Brandes Investment Partners, LP (4.0%), and CGNU plc (3.2%).




BAE holds significant equity in many ventures worldwide, the most important of which include:


  • Matra BAE Dynamics
    Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2DA, UK

    TEL: 01438 312422 

    This company is a joint venture with a French arms manufacturer. It concentrates on the development of guided weapons for use on land, air and sea. It has recently won a contract to produce the Meteor, an air-to-air guided missile, for use in the Eurofighter project. It has an order book of £2.5 billion, and employs around 6,100 staff (2850 in the UK and 3250 in France). BAE SYSTEMS owns 50% of this company.


  • SAAB AB Group

Box 70363

SE-107 24 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting Address:

Kungsbron 1, World Trade Centre, Entrance G, 6th Floor.

Telephone: +46 8 463 00 00

FAX: +46 8 463 01 52

Web site:

SAAB is a large Swedish based engineering company, employing over 14,000 staff. Its total annual sales are around SEK 16,000 million, or over £1 billion. Its most obvious link to BAE SYSTEMS is its Gripen fighter, which is developed and sold in collaboration with the British firm. BAE SYSTEMS is by far the largest shareholder with a 35% stake.

  • Alenia Marconi Systems Inc. (AMS)
    Eastwood House

    Glebe Road




    BAE SYSTEMS owns 50% of the shares in this company, Finmeccanica of Italy the other 50%. AMS is one of Europe’s leading providers of radar and air control systems. In fact, it is one of the 3 leading manufacturers of land and naval radar systems in the world.

  • Aeronautical Technologies Company Ltd, SA
    c/o Advanced Technologies and Engineering Company (PTY) Ltd

    PO Box 632

    Halfway House

    1685 South Africa

    Tel: +27 11 314 2170 Fax: +27 11 314 2151 

    This company is a South African based avionics systems integration and UAV (unmanned air vehicle) manufacturer, whose programmes include systems upgrade programmes on Hawk jets, as well as manufacture of the Vulture class UAV. BAE SYSTEMS has a 20% share in the company.

  • Airbus Integrated Company Ltd.
    The Airbus Integrated Company is a joint venture between Europe’s largest aerospace and arms firms, to manufacture a series of short, medium and long range commercial aircraft. It is manufacturing the world’s largest commercial aircraft, the A380, which can carry more than 600 passengers. BAE SYSTEMS owns 20% of the shares in this company; the other 80% are owned by EADS, the European arms manufacturer’s coalition. 

    The contact addresses for queries about Airbus are those for BAE (see above) and EADS:

    EADS Deustchland GmbH

    PO Box 801109

    81663 Munich


    EADS France S.A.S

    37, Boulevard de Montmorecy

    75781 Paris, Cedex16,


  • Astrium Ltd
    37, Avenue Louis Breguet BP1

    78146 Velizy Villacoublay



    Tel: +33 (0) 1 34 88 30 00

    Fax: +33 (0) 1 34 88 43 43


    BAE SYSTEMS owns 25% of the shares of this company, the other 75% are owned by EADS. Astrium is one of Europe’s leading space technology companies, and is involved in communications and military satellites, as well as launch vehicles for European space efforts.

  • Competence Center Informatik
    Lohberg 10


    49716 Meppen/Rule


    Tel: +49 5931 805-0

    Fax: +49 5931 805-100


    This is a German based information technology company, which designs computer systems for the arms trade and commercial world, including both hardware and software. BAE SYSTEMS’ share in the company is 10%. Other notable shareholders include DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (10%), and Sema Group GmbH (77.5%).

  • Euromandarin Ltd
    7th Floor

    Harcourt House

    39 Gloucester Road


    Hong Kong 

    Tel: +85 2 2143 6878 Fax: +85 2 2143 6642

    A venture capital orientated company set up in 1998 to research, structure and manage aerospace related investments in Greater China. BAE SYSTEMS own 50% of the shares in this company. The other 50% are owned by First Mandarin in Hong Kong.

  • Exostar SM
    13530 Dulles Technology Drive, Suite 200

    Herndon, VA 20171


    Phone: 703-561-0500

    Fax: 703-793-1673


    In the UK:

    New Filton House

    PO Box 5

    Filton, Bristol BS34 7QW


    Freephone number: 0800-917-2485

    Fax: +01 703-793-7962

    Worldwide: Phone: +01 703-793-7800

    Fax: +01 703-793-7962

    Exostar SM is a company set up to develop and operate a marketplace for the aerospace and arms industries. BAE SYSTEMS have a 25% share in the company. The other shareholders are Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, all with a 25% share. It is hoped by BAE that the company will help increase efficiency and collaboaration between companies in the industry. ExostarSM is headquartered in the Washington DC area, although the company plans a significant presence in both Europe and Asia. The exchange has been trading since September 2000.

  • Innovation Partnerships Worldwide
    PO Box 5249

    Rutland Hall

    Ashby Road



    LE11 3WW


    Tel: +44 (0) 1509 228499 Fax: +44 (0) 1509 211516

    This, according to BAE, is a joint venture with Loughborough University, designed to ‘promote social and economic programmes in the global marketplace.’ Its main purpose would seem to be to get University students familiar and comfortable with the BAE brand and ‘ethic’. BAE SYSTEMS share in the project is 55%, with the other 45% being owned by Loughborough University.

  • Singapore British Engineering PTE Ltd
    435 Orchard Road

    #19-02, Wisma Atria

    Singapore 0923 

    Tel: +65 735 8328 Fax: +65 735 8233

    This is, bluntly, a marketing front for BAE SYSTEMS equipment and expertise in South East Asia. BAE SYSTEMS’ share is 51%, the other 49% is held by Singapore Technologies.

  • Spectrum Technologies PLC
    Western Avenue


    CF31 3RT

    United Kingdom 

    Tel: +44 (0) 1656 655437 Fax: +44 (0) 1656 655920


    A developer and supplier of high technology UV laser equipment and services for manufacturing processes; specifically the CAPRIS range of laser wire marking and processing systems, used by most aerospace companies around the world. BAE owns 20% of the company.

  • STN Atlas Electronik GmbH
    Sebaldsbruecker Heerstr.

    28305 Bremen


    Tel: +49 421457 0

    Fax: +49 421 457 29 00

    This German-based company specialises in defence electronics, with its activites stretching from weapons control systems to virtual reality, radar technology, unmanned vehicles and communications. BAE owns 49% of the company.

  • Togethr HR Services Ltd
    PO Box 87

    Lancaster House

    Farnborough Aerospace Centre



    GU14 6YU


    Tel: +44 (0) 1252 373232 Fax: +44 (0) 1252 383456


    Togethr was formed on 1 May 2001. According to BAE, it ‘will provide human resource support services to BAE SYSTEMS and the rapidly growing global integrated HR services market.’ Its services include recruitment, learning, benefits, pensions administration and HR (human resources) systems and records. BAE SYSTEMS share is 50%, the other 50% being held by Xchanging Ltd.


Board of Directors


As can be seen from the above interests and shareholdings of BAE SYSTEMS, the company controls a tremendous amount of the world’s defence industry, and especially dominates the UK market. The board of directors at BAE reflects this width of interests, with several directors having been formerly on the boards of other engineering and manufacturing firms. However, this information may be quickly outdated, given the boardroom coup that recently deposed the former CEO, John Weston (see History and Stategy). Up-to-date information regarding the current Board of Directors may be found on the BAE SYSTEMS website at:

Corporate Leaders

Sir Richard Harry Evans, CBE
Chairman, BAE SYSTEMS plc
Evans was born in Blackpool in 1942 and educated at the Royal Masonic School, Hertfordshire. In 1960, he joined the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation and, shortly afterwards, moved into the then newly-formed Ministry of Technology. Appointed Deputy Managing Director (and Managing Director Designate) of the newly formed British Aerospace Military Aircraft Division in 1986, he was awarded the CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List for 'Services to Export'.

In January 1987 Evans was appointed to the Board of British Aerospace plc as Marketing Director and the following year he became the Chairman of the British Aerospace Defence companies. Evans was appointed Chief Executive of the Company in 1990 and concurrently has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Airbus Industrie since 1992. In June 1992 he was elected for a one-year term as President of the Society of British Aerospace Companies. He was knighted in the 1996 Queen's Birthday Honours. On May 1, 1998, Evans was appointed Chairman of British Aerospace plc.

In 1997 Evans joined the Board of United Utilities plc as a Non-Executive Director and was appointed Chairman on January 1, 2001. In 1998 he became a Non Executive Director of NatWest plc and resigned from that Board in February 2000.Evans has also been elected an Honorary Member of the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) Council.[23]

The Observer described Sir Richard Evans as 'one of the few businessmen who can see Blair on request'.[24] (See also section on Influence: Tony and Dick)

Mike Turner, CBE
BAE SYSTEMS Chief Executive Officer
In October 1991, Turner was elected a Fellow of The Royal Aeronautical Society. In January 1994, he was appointed Chairman of Commercial Aerospace, which added BAe Airbus to his portfolio, and also became a member of the Main Board of British Aerospace plc. In June 1995 he was appointed Vice President of the SBAC (Society of British Aerospace Companies) and was President from June 1996 until June 1997. In 1996, Turner was appointed a Non-Executive Director of Babcock International Group plc. In April 1996, Turner took responsibility for BAe's defence export business (in addition to his commercial aircraft responsibilities) when the sales and marketing Managing Directors were made responsible to him.

When British Aerospace plc and Marconi Electronic Systems merged in 1999 to created BAE SYSTEMS, Turner became Chief Operating Officer of the new company. He was awarded a CBE for services to the Aerospace Industry in the Queen's Birthday Honours list in June 1999. Following the dismissal of the former CEO of BAE SYSTEMS, John Weston, on March 26th 2002, Turner became the new CEO.[25] It seems likely that he will change the Board of Directors at least slightly, in order to cement his position.

Mike Turner is co-chair of the Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) for the year 2002. (See section on Lobbying)

Sir Charles Masefield
BAE SYSTEMS Vice Chairman
Sir Charles Masefield was educated at Cambridge University where he gained an Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and flew with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. In 1994 the British Government requested Masefield to take over responsibility for Britain's defence exports working within the Ministry of Defence reporting to the Secretary of State for Defence. During his four and a half years of responsibility for defence exports the UK's world market share rose from 16% to 25%, second only to the United States.

In December 1998 Masefield left Government service to take up an appointment as Vice Chairman of GEC plc. Following completion of the merger between British Aerospace and Marconi Electronic Systems, Masefield was appointed to the Board of BAE SYSTEMS as Group Marketing Director. Masefield was the 1994/95 President of the Royal Aeronautical Society and was knighted in 1997 for services to British exports.[26]

Sarah Myers
Chief of Staff

George Rose
Group Financial Director BAE SYSTEMS
In 1988 Rose was appointed Finance Director of Leyland DAF UK and subsequently Director, Group Control of DAF NV located in the Netherlands. He returned to the UK and was appointed Rover Group's Company Controller in March 1992. In December 1995 he was appointed non-Executive Director of Orange plc, and in April 1998 he was appointed as the Finance Director for British Aerospace plc.

In the same year he was appointed as a non-Executive Director of SAAB AB.[27]

Michael Lester
Group Legal Director BAE SYSTEMS
Lester was engaged in private practice until 1980 when he joined the General Electric Company plc (GEC) as an Associate Director and Director of Legal Affairs. Lester was appointed a Director of GEC in December 1983 and Vice-Chairman in July 1994. He was appointed a Non-Executive Director of Premier Farnell in 1998. Following the completion of the merger between British Aerospace Plc and Marconi Electronic Systems, Mr Lester joined the Board of BAE SYSTEMS.[28]

Steven Lewis Mogford
BAE SYSTEMS Chief Operating Officer
Mogford joined British Aerospace Military Aircraft in 1977 as a Supply Engineer at the company’s Preston site in Lancashire. He was appointed Programmes Director – Al Yamamah in 1994 and Managing Director of Systems and Services at the end of 1995. Following the merger of British Aerospace and Marconi Electronic Systems in November 1999 he was appointed group managing Director Programmes & Managing Director Eurofighter, BAE SYSTEMS. From April 1, 2000 he became Chief Operating Officer – Programmes, responsible for BAE SYSTEMS’ major projects and Customer Support, joining the Board of the Company.[29]

Non-Executive Directors

Sir Robin Biggam
Chairman of the Independent Television Commission and the Fairey Group plc. Also a non-executive director of British Energy plc.

Professor Sue Birley
Professor of Entrepreneurship at Imperial College, University of London, and was formerly a non-executive director at National Westminster Bank plc.

Keith Brown
Formerly managing director of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter plc. Chairman of the Racecourse Association, and of the International Advisory Board for Bipop–Carier (Italy).

Dr Ulrich Cartillieri
A member of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank AG, a director of Robert Bosch GmbH, Henkel KgaA and deputy chairman of DEG, the German government owned Investment and Development company.

Sir Ronald Hampel
Chairman of United Business Media plc, former chairman of ICI plc and a non-executive director of the Aluminium Company of America.

Lord Hesketh
A non-executive deputy chairman of Babcock International Group plc. A former Government chief whip in the House of Lords and a Privy Councillor.

Paolo Scaroni
Group chief executive of Pilkington plc, and formerly a non-executive director of Burmah Castrol plc.

For an overview of all persons involved in BAE's Leadership, visit:

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