As more public services are privatised, a growing list of contracts and acquisitions are contributing to Capita's rapid growth. Meet the company that collects council tax and TV licence fees, takes Londoners' 999 calls, assesses whether benefit claimants are 'fit for work', holds criminal record and much more.

You can find recent Corporate Watch work on Capita, including a detailed company profile from 2013, in the right hand column of this page.

Click here for Capita's head office and other basic details from the opencorporates website.

There is also lots of useful information on Capita's website:

  • Click here for details of their latest profits and other financial results.

  • Click here to find out the types of services Capita is currently involved in.

  • Click here to find out who Capita's directors and board members are.

  • Click here to download Capita's latest annual report and accounts (right hand column).

Click here to read our Investigating Companies: a Do-It-Yourself Handbook to find out how to get the information you want about a company, including how much directors are getting paid, political links and donations, which public services they are running, and how much their owners are making. It also contains a list of general, non-corporate, critical sources and guides to reading company accounts and understanding company ownership and financing. 

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