ExxonMobil: Who, Where, How Much?

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Exxon Mobil & Esso UK


Who, where, how much?


Worldwide Exxon Mobile conducts business in almost 200 countries worldwide [16]. For information on the different ExxonMobil companies and affiliates, see www.exxonmobil.com/affiliate/, or look at the map of worldwide operations divided up into upstream, downstream, chemical and coal & mineral www.exxonmobil.com/opsmap/index.html.

The corporation’s headquarters is in Irving, Texas, USA.

Exxon Mobil Corporation

5959 Las Colinas Boulevard

Irving, TX 75039-2298

Phone: +1 (0) 972 444 1000

Fax: +1 (0)972 444 1350

Other offices include:

Exxon Chemical

13501 Katy Fwy

Houston TX 77079

Phone: +1 (0)800 231 6633

Exxon Coal & Minerals

2401 S. Gessner

Houston TX 77063

Postal address: PO Box 1314, Houston, TX 77251-1314

Phone: +1 (0)713 978 5333

Fax: +1 (0)713 9785404

Exxon International

200 Park Ave

Florham Park NJ 07932

Phone: +1 (0)201 765 7000

UK You can find Esso’s major locations on an interactive map on their web site www.esso.com/eaff/essouk/glance/britain.html. Their main locations are in Leatherhead, West London, Abingdon, Fareham, Fife, Fawley and Purfleet.

See below for descriptions of some of the places.

Leatherhead Leatherhead is the HQ of Esso UK plc, Esso Exploration & Production and Esso Petroleum Company. Up to 1000 staff work there [17]. It is a purpose built complex of offices, used initially for administrative functions when the head office used to be at Victoria Street. Based here are sales & marketing, IT, gas, some of human resources, logistics, some of exploration, some of finance.

Exxon Mobil House

Ermyn Way



KT22 8UX

Phone: +44 (0)1372 222 000

Fax: +44 (0)1372 222 424

London offices Mobil Court in London is HQ of UK upstream units (Mobil North Sea, Esso Exploration and Production, Mobil Gas Marketing) and of ExxonMobil International. Trade journal Lloyds List describes its role as a ‘centre of excellence’ responsible for European and African upstream operations [18]. Prior to the merger, Mobil had 900 upstream staff in London [19].

The London office is described as ‘European upstream headquarters’. The finance division is based there (deals with internal finance) [20].

3 Clements Inn



West London Terminal, Heathrow

Fuels Customer Service Centre, Central Operations Group and Senior Management are based here.

Fareham, Hampshire Exxon Chemical’s Head Office, close to Southampton and the M27.

ExxonMobil Chemical ltd

P.O. box 122

4600 Parkway

Solent Business Park




PO15 7AP

Fawley Situated on the Solent near Southampton is Fawley, Britain’s largest refinery (uses as much electricity as Southampton does) [21].

Major process units at Fawley include: 3 atmospheric + 3 vacuum distillation units, a fluid catalytic cracking unit, a resid finer, a polymerisation plant, 2 powerformers, 5 hydrofiners, 2 sulphur extraction units, a lubricating oil manufacturing complex, an isomerisation unit and a bitumen plant [22].

Crude oil arrives in 80,000 tonne tanker ships [23]. The Marine Terminal has 5 deep-sea berths and 4 inshore berths. 2,500 ship movements per year (most of these taking products away) [24]. More than 25 million tonnes of oil and oil products pass through Southampton port per year, mostly for or from Fawley [25]. About half of the inputs are from the North Sea (sweet – low sulphur), half from the Middle East (sour) [26].

Exxon Chemical has a chemical manufacturing complex at Fawley, producing 700,000 tonnes of chemicals per year [27]. It produces ethylene, butylenes, butadiene, solvents, butyl and halobutyl rubber, lubricating oil, fuel oil additives, higher olefins for internediaries for the vinyl and plastics industries. It also produces speciality chemicals for oil exploration, extraction and refining industries [28]. About 80% is exported – many to Exxon Chemical plants in Europe. Chemical products for UK markets go first by ship to two terminals at Purfleet or one at Immingham [29]. About 600 work at Fawley for Exxon Chemical [30].

Last year a combined heat and power plant (CHP) was set up at Fawley. It produces 135MW of electricity, and 150 tonnes of steam per hour, which is fed back into the refinery. The site is on Esso land, but the plant is owned by Cogen, National Power’s CHP subsidiary, and is operated by Esso employees [31].



SO45 1TX

Phone: +44 (0)1703 896712

Mossmoran plant Mossmoran is fed directly from the North Sea, via St Fergus terminal. Its products are distributed by pipeline to UK markets or by ship to Europe. 250 employees on Mossmoran site [32]. 50% owned by Shell Chemicals UK [33].

Purfleet Lubricants Plant Responsible for manufacture, packing & distribution. Blends base stocks, which come by ship from Fawley. It is also a major distribution terminal for fuels and other products. Leading brands are Mobil 1 and Esso Ultron. Over 400 different types of lubricants are blended at Purfleet for industry [34].

Call centre, Manchester Due to open in the summer, at Salford Quays, with 300 staff. Dealing with enquiries from retail, wholesale and industrial customers across Europe [35].

Aberdeen office The Mobil North Sea office in Aberdeen has been kept after the merger, but with a reduction in staff numbers from the former 400 [36].

The Distribution network ExxonMobil claims to operate the largest underground pipeline network in the UK [37] : 00 km in total. 85% of Fawley’s products leave by pipeline to distribution terminals or airports (including Heathrow + Gatwick). Short pipelines feed local power stations and petrochemical works [38]. 10% leaves by ship, taking products to terminals in UK and Europe, and just 5% by road.

There are distribution terminals at West London (near Heathrow), Purfleet, Avonmouth, Birmingham, Nottingham, Hythe (near Fawley) and Manchester. West London is the biggest terminal [39].

Esso also shares a terminal in Plymouth with Conoco (Mayflower Distribution Terminal) and one in Belfast with BP (Belfast Fuels Terminal) [40].

Esso has its own fleet of 100 road tankers [41], which take the products from terminals to petrol stations and to industrial customers. Esso also uses contractors for this.

Garages get their fuel from the nearest refinery – whichever company owns it, so if you watch tankers coming out of Fawley, you will see all company liveries. When Fawley was blockaded last year, The Automobil Association said half the petrol stations on the south coast could be affected [42]. But a report in Octane Week confirms the assertion on Esso’s website that 80% are supplied from Fawley – noting that the new ultra low sulphur gasoline from Fawley was being sold at 80% of Esso’s petrol stations, and the remaining 20% weren’t supplied from there [43].

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Structure / Ownership


ExxonMobil is structured and managed by business activity, on a global basis, rather than by country. New ExxonMobil structure, following merger, organises into 11 separate global businesses:

• five upstream: exploration, development, production, gas marketing, upstream research

• four downstream: refining & supply, fuels marketing, lubricants & petroleum specialities, technology

• chemicals

• coal & minerals

While the move is to global organisation, there are practical (geographical) limits to the ability to do this. For example, upstream and downstream operations in the UK both have the same chairman, and are based in the same office. But the move is new, so it remains to be seen to what extent the globalisation policy is implemented.

To give an idea of their grouping, one senior manager of ExxonMobil board is responsible for all upstream divisions, another for all downstream, and another for the chemicals and coal & minerals divisions.

Relative size of these areas in ExxonMobil globally according to Exxon-Mobil Financial & Operating Review (average capital employed, 2000):

Upstream 44.6%
Downstream 31.7%
Chemicals 15.8%
Other + corporate 7.9%

Major shareholders

Top Institutional Holders of Exxon Mobil [44]:

FMR Corporation (Fidelty Management & Research Corp)

Barcleys Bank Plc

Morgan (J.P.) Chase & Company

State Street Corporation

Mellon Bank, N.A.

Vanguard Group, Inc.

Putman Investment Management, Inc.

Taunus Corporation

TIAA Cref Investment Management, LLC

Citigroup Inc.

Top Mutual Fund Holders [45]:

College Retirement Equities Fund-Stock Account

Fidelity Magellan Fund Inc

Vanguard Index 500 Fund

Fidelity Growth And Income Portfolio

Putnam Fund For Growth And Income

AXP New Dimensions Fund

Fidelity Contrafund Inc

Vanguard Institutional Index Fund

Fidelity Puritan Fund Inc

Washington Mutual Investors Fund

Board of Directors Exxon Mobil [46]

The board currently is comprised of fifteen directors, eleven of which are non-employees.

Lee R. Raymond Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

Eugene A. Renna Senior Vice President

René Dahan Senior Vice President

Harry J. Longwell Senior Vice President

Michael J. Boskin T.M. Friedman Professor of Economics and Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

William T. Esrey Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sprint Corporation (a global communications company integrating long distance, local and wireless communications services and one of the world’s largest carriers of Internet traffic)

Donald V. Fites Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Caterpillar Inc. (manufacturer of construction, mining, and agricultural machinery and engines)

Charles A. Heimbold, Jr Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (manufacturer of consumer products and pharmaceuticals)

James R. Houghton Chairman of the Board Emeritus, Corning Incorporated (communications, advanced materials and display products)

William R. Howell Chairman Emeritus, J.C. Penney Company, Inc. (department store and catalogue chain)

Helene L. Kaplan Of Counsel, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP (law firm)

Reatha Clark King President and Executive Director, General Mills Foundation; Vice President, General Mills, Inc. (manufacturer and marketer of consumer food products)

Philip E. Lippincott Chairman of the Board, Campbell Soup Company (global manufacturer and marketer of high quality, branded convenience food products); Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Scott Paper Company (sanitary paper, printing and publishing papers and forestry operations)

Marilyn Carlson Nelson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Carlson Companies, Inc.; Co-Chair, Carlson Holdings, Inc. (travel, hotels, restaurants and marketing services)

Walter V. Shipley Retired Chairman of the Board, The Chase Manhattan Corporation and The Chase Manhattan Bank (banking and finance)


Lee R. Raymond Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

E. G. Galante Senior Vice President

R. W. Tillerson Senior Vice President

H. J. Longwell Executive Vice President, Director

E. A. Renna Executive Vice President, Director

R. Dahan Executive Vice President, Director

M. E. Foster President, ExxonMobil Development Company

F. A. Risch Vice President, Treasurer

D. D. Humphreys Vice President, Controller

C. W. Matthews Vice President, General Counsel

T. P. Townsend Vice President of Investor Relations, Secretary

P. E. Sullivan Vice President and General Tax Counsel

H. R. Cramer Vice President

K. T. Koonce Vice President

S. R. McGill Vice President

S. D. Pryor Vice President

D. S. Sanders Vice President

J. S. Simon Vice President

The two Senior Vice Presidents, the three Executive Vice Presidents and the Chairman and CEO, L. R. Raymond, constitute the Corporation's Management Committee.

Principal directors in the UK Esso UK plc [47]:

Ansel Condray (Chairman)

Ansel Condray helped Bush to draft the voluntary Clean Act Programme for Texas when Bush was governor there in 1997 (see also Links with Government) [48].

Took over from Keith Taylor, 26/2/00. Taylor was a very public figure, both in the industry and outside it – President of Institute of Chemical Engineers, vice president of the Institute of Petroleum, council member of CBI, Business in the Community and the Institute of Business Ethics. He died of cancer in September 2000 [49].

SC Spancake (Finance Director)

SC Polkey (Fuels Marketing)

D Carr (Logistics & Refining)

JV Genova (International Gas Marketing)

RG Bellis (Exploration)

All executive directors of Esso UK plc (all male).

Condray, Genova and Bellis all have Europe-wide roles in ExxonMobil International [50].

Other directors:

SBL Penrose (Finance Director, Esso Petroleum Co Ltd, Esso Exploration & Production UK Ltd, Mobil Gas Marketing Ltd) [51]

ME Clifton (Mobil Gas Marketing) [52]

John Cousins (Executive vice president, ExxonMobil International Ltd). [53]

ExxonMobil Chemical [54]

MJ Lane (Chairman)

RH Coleman

DJ Hartgerink

ExxonMobil Aviation International [55]

JAC Bell

E Biriotti

RM Cooper

IC Downie

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ExxonMobil has numerous functional and service organisations. One example is ExxonMobil Development Company, responsible for overall stewardship of project development and drilling activities for the Corporation's worldwide upstream operations. There is a whole range of other companies recognisable by Exxon, Mobil and / or Esso name. Some of the companies are not so easily recognisable by name, like Imperial Oil Limited, Monetary Coal Company, Compania Minera Disputada de Las Condes Limitada (Chile), International Colombia Resources Corporation LLC (intercor) (Colombia) etc.

To get an overview of some of ExxonMobil’s different companies, check out ‘Our Activities’ at www.exxonmobil.com/opsmap/index.html. The most comprehensive overview can be obtained by looking in the Who Owns Who directory of North America (can be found in most libraries).

UK In the UK, the Esso business consists of the holding company Esso UK plc and two operating businesses – Esso Exploration and Production UK Limited, and Esso Petroleum Company Limited.

ExxonMobil has 6 main UK operating companies


Esso Exploration & Production UK Ltd

Mobile North Sea Ltd

Mobil Gas Marketing (U.K) Ltd


Esso Petroleum Company, Ltd

Mobil Lubricants UK Ltd


ExxonMobil Chemical Ltd

There are also a number of ExxonMobil international business areas which are co-ordinated from the UK, by the following subsidiaries:

ExxonMobil Aviation International Ltd

ExxonMobil Marine Fuels Ltd

International Marine Transportation Ltd

Mobil Marine Lubricants

ExxonMobil International Ltd (oversees the upstream operations within Europe and West Africa)

ExxonMobil Sales and Supply Corporation

Esso Petroleum Company owns (100%) the following: Cleveland Petroleum Company Ltd, Comma Oil & Chemicals Ltd, Dart Oil Company Ltd, Redline Oil Services Ltd and Retail Petroleum Services Ltd. Also owns 74.9% of Mode Wheel Property Ltd [56] and 65% of Mainline Pipelines Ltd [57].

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