As security company G4S has grown, it has expanded the range of services it provides. Transporting cash and guarding private property remain two of the biggest parts of its business but it also helps other companies investigate insurance claims and read gas meters, among other things. Most controversially, it has become one of the biggest outsourcing companies in the world. It runs prisons, policing and welfare programmes, and other previously-public services for governments worldwide. The company has earned intense criticism for a litany of misdeeds including cost-cutting, over-charging, negligence and brutality.

You can find recent Corporate Watch work on G4S, including a detailed company profile from 2012, in the right hand column of this page.

Click here for G4S’s head office and other basic details from the opencorporates website.

Click here for details of their latest profits and other financial results from the citywire website (scroll down the page).

There is also lots of useful information on the G4S website:

  • Click here to find out which sectors G4S is currently working in.

  • Click here to find out who the current G4S directors are, and click here for the rest of its board members.

  • Click here to download G4S's latest annual report and accounts.

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