Monsanto is one of the most powerful companies attempting to shape the future of agriculture and the global food chain. It is by far the biggest seller of GM crops in the world and has been the most prominent and controversial corporation promoting the introduction of biotechnology in agriculture. The company also has a long and messy history of manufacturing hazardous chemicals, with products including chemical warfare agents (Agent Orange), industrial materials (PCBs), food additives (NutraSweet), agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

You can find Corporate Watch articles on Monsanto and our 2005 Company Profile in the right hand column of this page.

Click here for details of their latest profits and other financial results from the Bloomberg website.

There is also lots of useful information on Monsanto's website:

  • Click here for details of Monsanto's head office and where the company does business around the world.

  • Click here to find out what products Monsanto is currently selling.

  • Click here to find out who Monsanto's directors and board members are.

  • Click here to download Monsanto's latest annual report and accounts.

For a more critical perspective on their work, try Source Watch's profile, the Food Democracy Now! website or the Millions Against Monsanto campaign.

If you want to do some digging into Monsanto yourself, have a look at our Investigating Companies: A Do-It-Yourself Handbook.

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