News Corp


The publishing branch of the Murdoch media conglomerate previously known as News Corporation, News Corp owns leading newspapers and magazines in the UK, US and Australia, including the Times and the Sunday Times, the Sun, the Wall Street Journal, the Australian, Vogue and GQ (21St Century Fox now runs the film and TV businesses that previously came under the News Corporation umbrella, including Fox TV, 20th Century Fox, Star TV and, in the UK, a stake in Sky). News Corporation was split in the aftermath of the phone hacking scandal, which saw journalists at the now-defunct News of the World accused of listening into people's voicemails. The political agendas pushed by News Corp publications have largely been right wing, pro-war and anti-welfare.

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There is lots of useful information on News Corp's website:

  • Click here to see the newspapers and magazines that News Corp owns around the world.

  • Click here for details of News Corp's head office.

  • Click here to find out who News Corp's directors and board members are.

  • Click here to download News Corp's latest annual report and accounts (or '10-K' form, as it is called here).

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