Premier Oil plc

Premier is an oil and gas exploration and production company. Founded in Scotland in 1934 as the Caribbean Oil Company to prospect in Trinidad, the company went on to work in the North Sea, Burma, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, West Africa and the Falklands/Malvinas.

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Click here for Premier's head office and other basic information from the opencorporates website.

Click here for details of Premier's latest profits and other financial results from the Bloomberg website.

There is also lots of useful information on Premier's website:

- Click here to find out where the company is operating.

- Click here to find out who's on Premier's board of directors.

- Click here to download Premier's latest annual report and accounts.

    For a more critical perspective on Premier's work, try the Burma Campaign or the Argentine Embassy.

    If you want to do some digging into Premier yourself, have a look at our Investigating Companies: A Do-It-Yourself Handbook.

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