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A Corporate Profile

By Corporate Watch UK
Completed February 2004

Further Resources



US campaign groups


The Prison Moratorium Project is a " strong grassroots organization of youth and college students dedicated to educating our peers about prison issues and engaging marginalized voices in the criminal justice debate". See

The Prison Moratorium Project runs "Not With Our Money", a network of student and community activists working to end the use of prisons for profit.

Our mission is to provide the training, tools and informational resources communities need to hold prison profiteers (particularly corporations that finance the private prison industry) accountable for their actions.

For their excellent work on Sodexho see:

There are numerous US college websites with information about Sodexho and their anti-unionist stance and involvement with the private prison industry. Notable is Colorado College and their CC Fair Labor website, which charts their campaign for decent wages and working conditions for Sodexho on campus.

EyeonSodexho is website run by Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union. It is currently under construction (28/1/04) but there is some information on their website

The Canadian Union of Public Employees have also been active on Sodexho.

'Who is Sodexho?' by Tom Walker, Privateer Watch for the Hospital Employee's Union, The B.C. Health Services Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) May 1, 2002. This can be downloaded from the LabourNet website.

In the UK


LabourNet is an extremely useful resource in tracking Sodexho's labour disputes in the UK. LabourNet promotes computer communications as a medium for strengthening and building organised labour.

On radically rethinking public sector catering in the UK, two excellent reports and action packs are available:

"Good Food on the Public Plate" published by Sustain and East Anglia Food Links. 2003

Using local food in our school, hospital and prison canteens would boost local economies by at least £5 billion and create many local jobs. See for more details.

Food for Life: Do our children need healthy food? published by The Soil Association and Organix. To download the report see or web/sa/saweb.nsf/GetInvolved/ffl.html

For further information on Hospital Food, contact Fiona Cairncross, Hospital Food Project Co-ordinator at London Food Link. c/o Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming

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