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Corporate Watch : PRIVATISATION : Introduction

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Listed below are all Corporate Watch's articles and investigations into the privatisation of the UK's public services since 2011. Scroll down the page or click on one of the following for a specific sector.

Health and social care






Migration control and prisons

Health and social care

Britain's biggest care home owners have debts of more than £4.5bn

Transforming Pathology, the Serco way

An Unhealthy Business: major healthcare companies use tax havens to avoid millions in UK tax

Under the microscope: pathology gets the Serco treatment

The vultures circle: private equity and the NHS

Serco and pathology: the cost of profit

Unhealthy influence: The rise of the NHS Partners Network

The great care home giveaway: Tory council calls in the private sector

Lack of supporting evidence does nothing to top outsourcing boom

‘Never been a better time’ to be in private health insurance

Care UK Factsheet

Mckinsey keeps the door revolving

Healthcare in the US: the profits of ‘socialism’

Care UK and private equity: another Southern Cross?

Co-operating and competing to privatise the NHS

Wolves cry wolf: selling competition in the NHS

Signs of things to come: The privatisation of the NHS

The community nurse: Interview with Norma Dudley

The radiologist: Interview with Dr Jacqueline Davis

The biomedical scientist: Interview with Frank Wood

The GP: Interview with Dr David Wrigley


Revealed: the punishing reality of the coalition’s welfare reforms

To pay or not to pay: Asda and Argos choose workfare over work

One in ten claimants have benefits cut on mandatory workfare scheme

The Workfare Before Christmas

Using Benefits to Blackmail

Tomorrow's People, today's problems

'I was so frozen by stress after having my benefits stopped'

Benefit claimant forced to accept Jubilee steward position for less than minimum wage

A4e turns to Tory lobbyists

G4S: Company profile

Regulating workfare (or not)

'It's exploitation and it's repellent': Retailers, councils and charities benefiting from workfare

Unemployed people ‘bullied’ into unpaid work at Tesco, Primark and other multinationals

'Making profits from the the unemployed is reprehensible'

The workfare go-betweens

Who benefits from the benefits system?


Leaking away: The financial costs of water privatisation

The Severn Trent takeover - corporate profiteering, tax avoidance and Britain's water supply

'A ridiculous return': South West Water and the cost of water

‘We need a campaign for public water’


Academy culture: towards a corporate education system

'Free schools: 'a crackpot idea'

'Decide your principles first'

'A big 'for sale' sign outside your school'

'No calling more noble'


King’s Cross Central: ‘a crude exercise in social engineering’

The Neoliberal Project, Privatisation and the Housing Crisis

Corporate Watch magazine: 'Housing Crisis?'


The firefighter: Interview with Mark Dunne