January 28, 2010 : News in Brief - Resisting

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News in Brief - Resisting

- Arora's detention centre plans defeated

- Highgate Farm protester gets 3 years in prison

- Anti-nuclear activists disrupt parliamentary select committee

- Unemployed workers picket A4e in Cambridge

Arora's detention centre plans defeated

The Crawley Borough Council's Development Control Committee has rejected, by 14 votes to 1, the planning application by Arora International Hotels for permission to convert its 254-bed hotel near Gatwick airport into an immigration detention centre. Since news of the application transpired last year, Arora had been subject to a concerted campaign by anti-detention campaign, with protests and actions at Arora hotels throughout the country.

Link: http://nobordersbrighton.blogspot.com/2010/01/merucre-planning-application-reused.html

Background: www.corporatewatch.org/?lid=3432

Highgate Farm protester sentenced to 3 years in prison

An animal rights activist has been sentenced to three years imprisonment by a judge at Lincoln Crown Court for his alleged role in a break-in at Highgate Farm in Lincolnshire, which breeds rabbits and ferrets for the vivisection industry, including the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences. Lewis Pogson's conviction was the latest in a series of cases stretching the definition of 'blackmail' for use against anti-corporate campaigners. Lewis has already served three months of his sentence on remand.

Link: www.alfsg.org.uk/current_prisoners.html

Background: www.corporatewatch.org.uk/?lid=3485

Anti-nuclear activists disrupt parliamentary select committee

Two anti-nuclear activists unfurled a banner reading 'Local Democracy Dumped' during a meeting of the Department of Energy and Climate Change parliamentary select committee on the proposed nuclear and other energy national policy on Wednesday. A third activist handed out briefings about why nuclear power is unacceptable and an inappropriate technology for tacking climate change. The three activists, along with a forth taking photographs, were taken away and held for over two hours for alleged breaches of the House regulations, before being released and banned from the Parliamentary estate for the rest of the day. Representatives of energy giants EDF, E.ON and RWE npower and of the Association of Electricity Producers were giving evidence before the committee of MPs. Two days earlier, a group of nine anti-nuclear campaigners staged a two-hour protest outside the Nuclear New Build Conference in central London in protest at industry attempts to paint nuclear power as a 'green' technology and win public support for new nuclear reactors.

Link: http://stopnuclearpower.blogspot.com

Unemployed workers picket A4e in Cambridge

A new activist group calling itself the Unemployed Workers Union (UWU) held a picket last week at A4e offices in Cambridge. A4e, or Action For Employment, is a private company that specialises in providing employment and training services on behalf of Jobcentre Plus. It is one of the main contractors for delivering the Flexible New Deal programme, for example, where people are forced to work up to six hours a day at so-called work placements in order to 'earn' their benefits.

The next issue of the Corporate Watch newsletter is about this 'unemployment business'. So look out for it!