July 09, 2008 : NEWS IN BRIEF

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Bad Times

Whilst trying to hold big media to account, activists from Media Lens have been threatened by the might of Rupert Murdoch's News International.

News International's Times Newspapers Limited (TNL) produces centre-right broadsheets The Times and The Sunday Times. Recently, TNL has threatened MediaLens with legal action citing 'criminal harassment' of journalist Bronwen Maddox. Read the full story here.

Canvassing for Support: Tent City Occupation

Corporate Watch's Jennie B spent a bit of time chatting to teachers who are currently occupying land in north Brent, near football Mecca, Wembley Stadium.

Teachers, and anti-privatisation activists, are squatting the site in protest of the proposed Ark Academy. This academy will be built on community land, concreting over the community's function centre and sports field.

Shane Johnschwager, a history teacher at the nearby Copeland school, is concerned that 'millions in investment, and taxpayers' money, will be in the hands of under qualified people'. Jean and Hank Roberts, two of the main instigators of Tent City said, 'we want everybody to come to the camp because it's crunch time; we need bodies to resist this'.

This Tuesday (15th July 2008) Brent Council representatives will attend Willesden County Court at 10.30am to seek a court order for the immediate eviction of the Wembley Sports Ground Tent City Occupation. Party Friday night. Meet the locals and get involved.

Check out the Tent City Occupation website for more information, and keep your eye on the Corporate Watch Blog for the full report.

Ain't Gonna Study War No More

At university? Curious about the links between military organisations and higher education institutions? Want some information to take action? Then contact the Study War no More team to book your talk for the next academic year.

Also, Corporate Watch caught up with Martha Beale, one of the authors of Study War No More: Military Involvement in UK Universities in May. The full interview is on the Corporate Watch Blog.