May 10, 2011 : Brighton's EDO/ITT blockaded again

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A pre-emptive, pre-May Day action was carried out by anti-EDO activists in Brighton early on Wednesday 26th of April. At about 5.40am three activists chained themselves to the gates of the notorious EDO/ITT arms factory in solidarity with the people in Gaza maimed and killed by British supplied munitions.

EDO/ITT has been manufacturing missile guidance systems for use in F16 planes on operation in the Middle East. Chloe Marsh, Smash EDO press spokesperson said "During the last month Israel has intensified attacks on Gaza killing over 30 people and there has been talks of the possibility of a second Operation Cast Lead. EDO/ITT are as ever complicit in this slaughter, as many of these attacks have been carried out by F16s equipped with EDO components.

Through the new F35 contract, EDO are ensuring that they will continue to profit from Israel's war crimes far into the future. By accepting these contracts, EDO show beyond a doubt that they are not opposed to supporting Israel's military machine.

According to reports in the Brighton Argus, police were called to the Home Farm Road site of the EDO/ITT factory after the three activists chained themselves to the gates delaying deliveries until 10am when they voluntarily released themselves and were promptly arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass.

For the effects of the Israeli siege on the physical and psychological well being of the 1.9 million children in Gaze see here.