Palestine Jan 2013 : JCB and Volvo machines used in demolitions in Al Maleh and Al Mayta

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On 17th January 2013, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) carried out demolitions of 55 buildings in the communities of Al-Maleh and Al-Mayta in the Jordan Valley. The demolitions were part of the ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Israeli military against communities living in Area C of the West Bank. Communities in Area C are prohibited from building any structures and are subjected to constant harassment and home demolitions.

IOF soldiers arrived in the area in a bus hired from Shachar Tzach Transportation Services Ltd, an Israeli bus company that boasts its fleet of over 160 buses is rented to clients that include “The ministry of Defence, The Iarseli(sic) army” and “the Jewish Ajenc(sic)”.

The bus bore a Volvo logo. The demolitions were carried out using JCB machines. Volvo and JCB are both major construction equipment manufacturers. Volvo is a Swedish company, while JCB is British.

See here for an eyewitness report from the Jordan Valley Solidarity campaign, and see here for pictures.