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Corporate Watch's research provides in-depth analysis into the issues around corporate power.

Our research is geared towards:

  • Action: Identifying the root causes of the problem, and searching for effective strategies to challenge corporations.
  • Telling it like it is: Saying the things that no-one else will say about the big issues.

In this section you can find all of Corporate Watch's reports, briefings, and articles for each of our key research projects.


  • Corporate Power What are corporations? Whay are they so powerful? What strategies do they use to maintain their power? Can they be socially responsible? Our Corporate Power project gives an overview of why corporations behave as they do and why they need to be opposed.
  • Food and AgricultureCorporations have consolidated their control of food production. This porject exposes the negative impcs of supermanrkets and other major food companies on society and the environment, and supports activists, farmers and the general public in resisting coporate control of the food system and creating sustainable alternatives.
  • Corporate Technologies This project examines the issue of the relationship between corporations and technology. Who owns new technologies, who controls them, who stands to benefit from them?
  • Public Relations Investigating the secretive world of the billion pound corporate spin industry in the Uk, which wields extraordinary influence over government, the media and public opinion.
  • Privatisation This project demolishs the myth that privatisation is a cure to poor public sector service; exposes the illusion of 'choice' in provision as many companies have an oligopoly and describes what we can do about it!