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For more information on supermarkets and industrial food production:

  • Friends of the Earth - 'Real Food' campaign www.foe.co.uk
  • Grassroots Action on Food and Farming (GAFF) highlights corporate control of agriculture and builds alliances between environmentalists, campaigners, farmers, farm groups and the public. www.gaff.org.uk
  • Michael Hart, Small and Family Farms Alliance, Tel: 01726 843 647
  • National Association of Farmers Markets www.farmersmarkets.net
  • Big Barn - The Virtual Farmers Market - Tel: 01234 871005 www.bigbarn.co.uk
  • Via Campesina - world wide small farmers network www.viacampesina.org
  • Viva! Campaigning and researching on the factory farming of animals. Tel: 01273 777688. www.viva.org.uk
  • Further Reading

  • Monbiot, G (2000) Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain, MacMillan.
  • Harvey, G (1997) The Killing of the Countryside. Vintage. * Atkins, P and Bowler, I (2001) Food in Society. Society, Culture and Geography. London: Arnold/New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Blythman, Joanna (2004) Shopped! The Shocking Truth about British Supermarkets. Fourth Estate.
  • Hawkes, Corinna (2000) Battle in Store? A discussion of the social impacts of the major supermarkets. SUSTAIN
  • Lucas MEP, C and Hines, C (2001) Stopping The Great Food Swap - Relocalising Europe's Food Supply. The Green Party
  • Raven, H. Lang, T. and Dumonteil, C (1995) Off our Trolleys? Food Retailing and the Hypermarket Economy. IPPR, London. * Schlosser, Eric (2001) Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the American Meal, Penguin.
  • Simms, Andrew et al (2002/2003) Ghost Town Britain: the threat from economic globalisation to livelihoods, liberty and local economic freedom. And Ghost Town Britain II. New Economics Foundation.
  • Reports and Articles

  • The Ecologist 'How Bogus Hygiene Regulations are Killing Real Food'. June 2001
  • The Co-op: Food Crimes: A Consumer Perspective on the Ethics of Modern Food Production. See the Co-op website www.co-op.co.uk or freecall 0800 0686727.
  • 'What's Wrong with: Tesco?' and 'Every Little Hurts' in Corporate Watch 3. Spring 1997, or visit www.corporatewatch.org.uk
  • Checkout Chuckout: A directory of local groups campaigning against supermarket developments. Contact Corporate Watch for more details.
  • Pretty, Professor J - Some Benefits and Drawbacks of Local Food Systems Centre for Environment and Society, University of Essex. See 'Reports' on www.ruralfutures.org
  • 'Why Health is the Key to Food and Farming' - submission to the Policy Commission on Food and Farming eds. Tim Lang and Geof Rayner (2001). Download at www.foodpolicy.co.uk.
  • How Green is your Supermarket? February 2004. The Liberal Democrats. Norman Baker MP
  • Useful Websites

    The Guardian has a substantial section on the Farming Crisis, including brilliant investigative pieces by Consumer Affairs editor, Felicity Lawrence and food writer, Joanna Blythman. www.guardian.co.uk

    Food Industry websites such as www.grocertoday.com, www.just-food.com , www.kamcity.com

    George Monbiot's website www.monbiot.com has a substantial section on supermarkets and farming.

    Hard copies and more information are available from:

    Corporate Watch, Office 14, Unit 6, Wilmer Industrial Estate, Wilmer Place, London, N16 0LW. Tel: 020 7923 7082.
    Email: mail@corporatewatch.org.uk