Course launch! Learn online with Corporate Watch

Corporate Watch has just launched its first online course! The Know Your Enemy Online Course is a self-paced, online training, that teaches people practical research skills through a series of video tutorials and examples. Interested? Enrol here for free.

About the Course

Do you have a problem with a company or industry and want to know more about it? Do you feel frustrated not knowing how to find the info you need? Do you want to fight back more effectively but get overwhelmed trying to find things online? Do you wish you could get a step ahead and finally find contracts and government plans before they hit the headlines?

The Know Your Enemy online course is designed for you. Whether you are a single mum fighting a landlord, a worker challenging your boss, part of a grassroots movement or campaign,  a student campaigner or a freelance writer – this course is designed to give you the practical skills you need to ‘Know Your Enemy’.

What will I learn?

This self-paced, online training, through a series of video tutorials, gives you practical skills to be able to:

  • Get clear and organised – know what you need to research and how
  • Research securely – learn simple tactics for online security
  • Use search engines effectively – prevent overwhelm and find the info you need faster
  • Build a company profile – mapping its ownership to the highest level
  • Find directors, board members and other key players – find out who pulls the strings
  • Find shareholders
  • Read company accounts – learn simple strategies for cutting through the jargon and finding the information you need quickly
  • Find government contracts
  • Connect the dots between lobbyists, companies and politicians – know how to find donations to political parties and more
  • Write and submit a Freedom of Information request
  • Map out company supply chains and get industry insight about risks and vulnerabilities
  • Undertake offline research – from speaking to workers to physical surveillance of factories
  • Write up and share your research with the world

Interested? Enrol here for free.