DIY Research Contest 2011

In our ever-determined efforts to seek and destroy corporate power in all its manifestations, Corporate Watch is turning to you, our ever-determined readers, to become our ever-determined contributors. Corporate Watch is on the look out for DIY researchers close on the heels of destructive corporations: Here's your opportunity to submit your work into a brand new DIY research competition and win publication on the Corporate Watch website and/or magazine, and a free book of your choice from Freedom bookshop. There's everything to play for!


The competition has three strands:

A company profile;

A corporate power case study;

An article on an instance of corporate crime.


Company profile:

Company profiles should be structured around these key sections: overview of the company; industry areas; market share; who, where, how much; history; corporate crimes; resistance. For examples of company profiles, see the Corporate Watch website:

Word limit: 3,000


Corporate power case study:

Research into the impact of corporate power and influence on a particular geographical place or industry sector. Themes to explore include undue influence on politicians and public authorities, lobbying, corruption, revolving doors and so on.

Word limit: 2,000


Article on corporate crime:

Research into where a corporate has broken, or has potentially broken, civil or criminal law, as a result of deliberate decisions or actions which were focused on expanding or continuing their core business and benefiting the corporation itself. This can be direct or indirect, by being complicit in these crimes. Corporate crimes include war crime, safety crime, financial crime, crimes against the consumer and so on.

Word limit: 1,000
All submissions must original and well referenced, clearly disclosing sources using footnotes or endnotes.


Practical details:

Compete submissions will be judged by an eminent panel made up of Corporate Watch members and independent researchers, journalists and others from outside the co-op.

Submissions should not exceed the word limit stipulated for each strand, but you are welcome to submit pieces for more than one strand.

The deadline for submissions is 30 April 2011.

Please send your submission to: