A tweet history of social networking

Corporate Watch                                             1971

Programmer Ray Tomlinson sends 1st email between 2 computers. #ARPANET project funded by

Corporate Watch                                             1978

Bulletin Board Services exchange data between users over phone lines #whereisitnow?

Corporate Watch                                             1994

launched, one of 1st soc netwrk sites, lets users create own wbsites. buys 4 $3.6bn, 10yrs l8er closes US ops #nice1Yahoo!

Corporate Watch                                             1997

instant msgs launched. Where ru now AOL? #goneandforgotten

Corporate Watch                                             1998

launched in UK, 1st soc netwrk to get popular. bought for £120m in 2005, sold for £25m 5yrs l8er!

Corporate Watch                                             1999

launched, now Windows Live Messenger.

Corporate Watch                                             2002

Friendster born. 3m users in 1st 3 mths. offered $30m but venture cap owners said no – ID1OTZ!

Corporate Watch                                             2003

starts – massive. pays $580m, peaks then bombs. LOL! Now owns it. WTF?!

Corporate Watch                                             2004

Birth of . wants to be your friend!

Corporate Watch                                             2005

launched by 3 ex-paypal drones. Sold to Google in 2006 for £1.65bn. Baby biting finger most popular vid evr.

Corporate Watch                                             2006

Twitter njoys 1st tweets. Vent cap backed (ofcrs!). Jrnalists say changes wrld, stop doing proper jrnalism. #twitterdidntcausethearabspring

Corporate Watch                                             2007

launched, ipad appears in 2010. Protests in China continue as Foxconn workers protest wrking conditions #jobsdidntcare

Corporate Watch                                             2011

+ launched. Wtvr!

Corporate Watch                                             2012

Facebook has 900m users, 3rd biggest US IPO evr but still contrls 57% vting shares #facebookiswatchingu

Corporate Watch                                             2012

releases mag, corp contrl of soc netwrkng endz.