Corporate Watch exists to support individuals and groups looking to expose and challenge corporate abuse and power, by investigating companies ourselves, training others to do so, and providing ‘DIY’ resources.

The support we offer includes:

Company Investigations

MiHomecare.jpgWe encourage individuals and groups to contact us with information and requests about companies they think need looking into. Since we started in 1996 we have collaborated with a huge variety of individuals and grassroots groups and campaigns. Click here to get in touch.


Corporate Watch runs ‘Do-It-Yourself’ training for groups, organisations and individuals who want to investigate a company and its actions. This can include the basics of company research, to more specialised tasks like how to read a company’s accounts in detail. Click here to learn more about our training.

Do-It-Yourself Resources

We aim to produce useful materials to support people to develop research skills themselves. We produced a DIY Handbook on how to investigate companies and we upload useful resources to our website. Click here to learn more.