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July 01 2003

Enron and on…and on…and on


Steve Tombs and Dave Whyte The first article for Corporate Watch from a collective of writers on corporate crime issues, here looking at the aftermath of the Enron collapse and analysing how its lessons have not been learnt. Read more.

Every little hurts…Tesco on Trial at its AGM 13th June 2003. Lucy Michaels Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are one of those rare opportunities to confront the people behind the corporate facade. At its AGM in London two weeks ago, Tesco’s board of directors faced tough questioning from various sources ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Read more.

Eating Iraq A former Cargill executive is now in charge of ‘reconstruction’ of agriculture in Iraq, and Syngenta is lining up for a share of the spoils. So just whose interests is teh US working in? Read more.

BP chases ‘free public money’ for Baku-Ceyhan pipeline The battle over BP’s controversial $3.5bn Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline entered a new phase last week as the project began the approval process for World Bank and European funding. BP is seeking $150m each from the International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank) and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The next stage of the approval process lasts 120 days and is being vigorously opposed by a coalition of campaigners.

Read more.

Health goes corporate The Health and Social Care Bill, which will end the role of the NHS as a universal health care system, and shift the nature of UK health care to a market-based service, gets its third and final reading within the next few weeks. Read more

Around the Web Iraqi reconstruction…GM report from Action Aid…Bargoed bypass campaign… Read more