March 2015

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Born in an Israeli Prison

Pictured - Palestinian women and their children join the weekly sit-in in solidarity with Palestinian detainees in israeli jails - Gaza City

This interview is part of a series of articles about Palestinian prisoners and companies complicit with the Israeli prison system. 17 April 2015 is the annual global day of action for Palestinian prisoners, when solidarity activists around the world are called on to take action to highlight the abuse of political prisoners in the Israeli prison system. Both G4S and Hewlett Packard provide services to the Israeli Prison Service (IPS). Palestinian prisoners' organisations have called on the global solidarity movement to pressure them to end their contracts.

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Revealed: major homecare company paying staff below minimum wage

MiHomecare, outsourcing giant Mitie's homecare business, is paying carers less than the minimum wage, a document leaked to Corporate Watch shows.


'It's gonna break': life in UK's biggest detention centre

Secret filming reveals conditions inside Harmondsworth immigration detention centre for the first time, where hundreds of people face deportation.

The footage was shot by a detainee and obtained by Corporate Watch as part of a five month investigation into Mitie, the outsourcing firm that took over Harmondsworth in September 2014 under a multi-million pound Home Office contract.

The videos, some of which are also featured on Channel 4 News tonight, reveal:

- Home Office staff admitting that conditions in Harmondsworth are “shit”, and that detainees are not allowed cameras to photograph inside the centre because the government “don't want the bad publicity that would entail”.

- A guard saying that the new Mitie management has “fucked this place up”, making staff work more shifts and get less rest. “It's just gonna break. There's only so much people can take”, the guard warns.