December 2016

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Underground Coal Gasification scrapped in the UK


The government announced yesterday that it will not support Underground Coal Gasification (UCG), effectively stopping the technology being adopted in the UK. The end of UCG in the UK will be celebrated by environmentalists who have been campaigning against the technology for a number of years.

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The Home Care Business

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As more and more people are failed by the UK’s home care system, a Corporate Watch investigation into the biggest five home care companies has found:

  • Poor quality care: almost half of their home care services inspected in the last two years have been rated as unsatisfactory by the regulator.

  • Underpaid staff: calls to 20 branches currently recruiting found the majority still do not pay their staff for all of their travel time.

  • Huge payouts to owners: four of the companies have paid out £36m to their owners over the last five years, with another £34m racked up to be paid out in the future.