Jackpot: Camelot avoided £10m in tax from lottery – thanks to Canadian teachers

[responsivevoice_button] Camelot, the company behind the National Lottery, has avoided millions

HMRC ‘particularly feeble’ over failure to close loophole

[responsivevoice_button] The Government chose not to close a tax loophole which

How it works: the quoted Eurobond dodge explained

[responsivevoice_button] In 1984 the Government introduced the “quoted Eurobond exemption”, a

Eurobonds scandal: The high street giants avoiding millions in tax

[responsivevoice_button] In the third part of our investigation into the biggest

Birds Eye, Carling, McVitie’s avoiding millions of pounds in tax

[responsivevoice_button] The companies behind some of Britain’s best-selling beer, biscuits and

Sub-prime lender Swift Group, PHS and Moto also using loophole to avoid tax

[responsivevoice_button] A sub-prime mortgage lender that was threatened with having its

The other energy scandal – power giants use loophole to cut their own tax bills

[responsivevoice_button] As people buckle under the pressure of soaring energy bills,

Gatwick Airport, ports, M6 Toll Road, Channel Tunnel rail link (HS1) accused of ‘outrageous’ tax avoidance

[responsivevoice_button] The costly Channel Tunnel rail link, Gatwick Airport and the

Research in Gaza, November 2013

[responsivevoice_button] The Corporate Occupation research team will be in Gaza during

FOR SALE: Top UK riot cops. EXPORT: To war zones and dictators

[responsivevoice_button] Meet Ineqe Group, the Belfast security consultancy with a bizarre

Wonga’s Swiss Wangle: payday lender moving money to tax haven

[responsivevoice_button] Payday loan firm Wonga has moved key parts of its

Why Bethlehem industrial zone is struggling to find investors

[responsivevoice_button] The Bethlehem park is one of several joint industrial areas

John Deere and the exploitation of occupied land

Signage on a packing house in the illegal settlement of Na’ama

Yarl’s Wood women: ‘We are not street dogs’

[responsivevoice_button] Over 30 women are on hunger strike at the notorious

Corporate Watch condemns police harassment

[responsivevoice_button] Corporate Watch researchers are repeatedly subjected to police harassment: This