Whose agenda do reports of ‘eco-terrorism’ serve?

De-Press-Ing: Whose agenda do reports of ‘eco-terrorism’ serve?   On 9

Franco-British charter flights to deport Afghan refugees

Thousands of Afghan refugees who have been denied asylum in France

Modern Autoreduction? Financial protests continue

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside The Stock Exchange in the City

Shell ‘wins’ Iraq gas contract

Oil giant Shell has recently won the Big Oil race to

Police condone covert Internet surveillance

The City of London police have recently dropped their inquiries into

IDentity politics: new biometric cards for foreign nationals

The Home Office has introduced new biometric ID cards for two

Rossport solidarity protest at the Irish consulate in Cardiff

About 12 climate activists occupied the Irish consulate in Cardiff for

Migrants exploited for cheap labour… even in prison

Detainees at the Campsfield House immigration prison in Oxfordshire are being

Google’s new spy

Users of Google’s newly released Internet browser, Chrome, were shocked to

Shell under Siege in Mayo

Shell’s attempts to begin laying a deepwater gas pipeline in Mayo,

Top scientist blames hunger in Africa on anti-GM, not corporate pillage!

The government’s ex-chief scientific adviser has accused anti-GM campaigners of being

Cracking the Contracts

In January 2003 Middle Eastern Peace Envoy Tony Blair, then Prime

Newsletter 38 : The Selling of Organic

    Organic farms have historically been small, family-run mixed farms

Corporate Carve Up: UK Companies In Iraq : Iraq wasn’t sold in a day

  How UK government and industry groups facilitate the corporate occupation.

UK Companies in Iraq

  Corporate Carve Up: UK Companies in Iraq – Top Ten