Flying people to torture and death

[responsivevoice_button] A Brighton family was forcibly deported to Algeria last week

New immigration prison to open at Gatwick this spring

[responsivevoice_button] The new immigration detention centre at Gatwick airport will not

Expanded detention facility reopened at Manchester airport

[responsivevoice_button] A refurbished and expanded detention facility to hold people arrested

Protests force E.ON to abandon university recruitment tour

[responsivevoice_button] A wave of anti-coal protests by students and environmental activists

Whose agenda do reports of ‘eco-terrorism’ serve?

[responsivevoice_button] De-Press-Ing: Whose agenda do reports of ‘eco-terrorism’ serve?   On

Franco-British charter flights to deport Afghan refugees

[responsivevoice_button] Thousands of Afghan refugees who have been denied asylum in

Modern Autoreduction? Financial protests continue

[responsivevoice_button] Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside The Stock Exchange in the

Shell ‘wins’ Iraq gas contract

[responsivevoice_button] Oil giant Shell has recently won the Big Oil race

Police condone covert Internet surveillance

[responsivevoice_button] The City of London police have recently dropped their inquiries

IDentity politics: new biometric cards for foreign nationals

[responsivevoice_button] The Home Office has introduced new biometric ID cards for

Rossport solidarity protest at the Irish consulate in Cardiff

[responsivevoice_button] About 12 climate activists occupied the Irish consulate in Cardiff

Google’s new spy

[responsivevoice_button] Users of Google’s newly released Internet browser, Chrome, were shocked

Shell under Siege in Mayo

[responsivevoice_button] Shell’s attempts to begin laying a deepwater gas pipeline in

Top scientist blames hunger in Africa on anti-GM, not corporate pillage!

[responsivevoice_button] The government’s ex-chief scientific adviser has accused anti-GM campaigners of

Migrants exploited for cheap labour… even in prison

[responsivevoice_button] Detainees at the Campsfield House immigration prison in Oxfordshire are