Apartheid in the fields: From occupied Palestine to UK Supermarkets

Israeli agricultural export companies are profiting from the Israeli colonisation of

Five Quarter down, Cluff next?

Five Quarter down, Cluff next? Campaigners are celebrating the news that

Turkey’s bloodiest massacre and displacement of the Kurds since the 1990s is happening now

Photo caption: Kurşunlu mosque in Amed. Damage is from bombardment by

Palestinian solidarity for parents

Demolition of a home in East Jerusalem, as depicted by a

How can we destroy capitalism?

Corporate Watch’s new publication, ‘Capitalism, What is it and how can

Cancun’s mangrove swamp destroyed for building complex

An update on Almudena Serpis’ previous article on the importance of

Women on the frontlines of Kurdish struggles: An interview with JİNHA women’s news agency

In 2015, Corporate Watch visited Bakur (meaning ‘North’ in Kurmanji), the

What to make of COP21?

A couple of grassroots activists who are members of the Corporate

Turkish military brutality in Diyarbakır

The Kurdish city of Amed (Diyarbakır in Turkish), is currently under

The Foster Care Business

Almost 86,000 children were in foster care in the UK last

Ecocide of mangrove swamps bringing catastrophes ashore

Mangroves are among the most powerful natural defences against global warming.

Capitalism or the World

Throughout 2015 Corporate Watch has been organising a series of workshops

The struggle for autonomy in North Kurdistan: Voices from Cizre

People in cities across North Kurdistan (the part of Kurdistan within

Court hears detainee death only costs £10,000 fine

The Information Tribunal heard an appeal today by the Home Office