New Publication: Prison Island Winter 2021 Update

Corporate Watch has released its third edition of Prison Island: Prison Expansion in England, Wales and Scotland. It is available to download for free.

We published the original Prison Island report in August 2018. We then released an updated second edition in January 2019.

Since our first report, the state has nearly doubled its incarceration plans, from 10,000 new prison places to 18,000.

This update includes:

  • Latest information on the ‘New Prisons Programme’
  • Status updates on all prisons currently under construction in England and Scotland
  • Updates on the women’s prisons
  • The current status of the government’s plans to build a wave of children’s prisons
  • Companies involved in prison expansion, including the new Alliance 4 New Prisons

Download the report here:

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Each copy includes the original Prison Island report published in 2018.

Images shows a picture of the UK in blue, with a prison illustration in the background and a crane illustration