Magazine 47-48: The cost of free papers



This double issue on so-called free newspapers will hopefully demonstrate this is a change for the better.


  1. Editorial – The cost of free papers

    By Corporate Watch

  2. Free papers: Some history

    By Hannah Schling

  3. Business as usual: The economics of ‘free’ dailies

    By Shiar Youssef

  4. The cost of free: What’s wrong with free dailies

    By Corporate Watch

  5. Newspapers or Free Papers?

    By Michael Barker

  6. More than a spoof

    By Corporate Watch

  7. Corporate media and the intellectual cleansing of journalists

    By Jonathan Cook

  8. News Corporation: A profile

    By Corporate Watch

  9. Campaign Spotlight: MediaLens

    By Corporate Watch

  10. Are radical, collective, independent media projects still possible?

    By Corporate Watch

  11. Babylonian Times

    By Corporate Watch

  12. DIY Research Contest 2011

    By Corporate Watch

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