Research in Gaza, November 2013


The Israeli siege of Gaza is perpetuated with the full complicity of international corporations. International arms companies supply the war planes and unmanned drones, bombs and missiles used to subjugate the population. The walls and fences around Gaza have been built with the help of international construction companies and are fortified by surveillance technology provided by the international electronics sector. The coast is patrolled by gunboats, armed with weapons supplied by international companies.

The Gazan economy is crippled by enforced dependence on Israeli companies. Israeli energy companies hold an Israeli-state-imposed near monopoly on the provision of electricity used in Gaza. Israeli consumer goods, which flood Gaza’s market places, are given preference at the crossings into Gaza while the attempt at maintaining an independent supply of goods into Gaza, through the cross border tunnels, is met by violence from both Israel and Egypt.

The siege isolates the people of Gaza, separating them from the rest of Palestine and limiting their communication with the growing international Palestine solidarity movement. We aim to make new contacts and connections between people in Gaza and the solidarity movement.

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