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Struggles for autonomy in Kurdistan

Kurdistan is currently divided between four countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria and

Democratic autonomy in North Kurdistan: An interview with the Democratic Society Congress

Photo caption: Workers at a honey cooperative near Wan (Van in

Democratic confederalism in Kurdistan

Lead photo caption: A commune meeting in Amude in Rojava’s Cizîrê

Women on the frontlines of Kurdish struggles: An interview with JİNHA women’s news agency

In 2015, Corporate Watch visited Bakur (meaning ‘North’ in Kurmanji), the

The struggle for autonomy in North Kurdistan: Voices from Cizre

People in cities across North Kurdistan (the part of Kurdistan within

Building autonomy in Turkey and Kurdistan

Building autonomy in Turkey and Kurdistan: an interview with Revolutionary Anarchist

False Dilemmas: A Critical Guide to the Euro Zone Crisis

For everyone who cares about the politics of austerity and debt

Energy, rail and water privatisation costs UK households £250 a year

New research by Corporate Watch in collaboration with We Own It

Facebook killed the internet star: reflections on radical media

In September, the SchNEWS radical media collective issued a statement saying

Alternatives to Corporate Rule: Food and Agriculture

From seed supply, farming machinery, to wholesale and retail distribution, food