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Wreckers of the Earth: a map of ecocidal capitalism in London

OCTOBER 2021 NOTE: This version of the directory is now out

Shareholder activists target Barclays AGM

On Thursday 23 April 2015, several protests were held outside the

Greek debt: what they don’t tell you

Over the past few weeks Alexander Stubb, Prime Minister of Finland,

False Dilemmas: A Critical Guide to the Euro Zone Crisis

For everyone who cares about the politics of austerity and debt

Barclays Stockbrokers facilitating investment in arms trade

Barclays Bank claims that it is “not an investor in the

From Olympic spectacle to social crisis: review of Future Suspended

Review: Crisis-Scape’s new film invites us in to the shadows of

Who is Greek debt ‘sustainability’ for?

International lenders and their domestic Greek collaborators (the coalition government) are

Sub-prime lender Swift Group, PHS and Moto also using loophole to avoid tax

A sub-prime mortgage lender that was threatened with having its licence

The other energy scandal – power giants use loophole to cut their own tax bills

As people buckle under the pressure of soaring energy bills, Corporate

Gatwick Airport, ports, M6 Toll Road, Channel Tunnel rail link (HS1) accused of ‘outrageous’ tax avoidance

The costly Channel Tunnel rail link, Gatwick Airport and the disastrous

Firms running NHS care services avoiding millions in tax

  Companies receiving lucrative government contracts to run care services looking

Jackpot: Camelot avoided £10m in tax from lottery – thanks to Canadian teachers

Camelot, the company behind the National Lottery, has avoided millions of

HMRC ‘particularly feeble’ over failure to close loophole

The Government chose not to close a tax loophole which costs

How it works: the quoted Eurobond dodge explained

In 1984 the Government introduced the “quoted Eurobond exemption”, a little-known

Eurobonds scandal: The high street giants avoiding millions in tax

In the third part of our investigation into the biggest corporations