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The Hostile Environment: turning the UK into a nation of border cops

A run-down of the Home Office’s “hostile environment” measures against migrants,

The Home Care Business

As more and more people are failed by the UK’s home

Understanding care workers’ pay and travel time

Care workers face many obstacles when trying to get a fair

When Mitie care workers fight back

Anne’s first call started at 7am and her last finished at

Tapped up by Affinity Water

If you live in Shepway you’ll have seen your water bills

Nine times more spent pursuing claimants than employers not paying minimum wage

From today — 1 April 2016 — workers in the UK aged over

The Foster Care Business

Almost 86,000 children were in foster care in the UK last

‘Home care should be a public service’

Mary Bell was a carer in Havering for 10 years, working

Carer sues MiHomecare

Carer sues MiHomecare for not paying minimum wage A carer is

A Midas Care worker speaks out

‘Frustrated and disappointed’: a Midas Care worker speaks out After reading

Researching health companies

How to uncover the facts about the companies involved in NHS

MiHomecare scandal grows

New Corporate Watch investigation finds major care company MiHomecare has paid

‘I personally feel they should be closed down’: My MiHomecare experience

Brian Jones Surrey resident Alison Jones describes the poor quality of

Shareholder activists target Barclays AGM

On Thursday 23 April 2015, several protests were held outside the

Revealed: major homecare company paying staff below minimum wage

MiHomecare, outsourcing giant Mitie’s homecare business, is paying carers less than