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Ex-oil and gas worker among those convicted for blockading Cuadrilla

Four out of nine anti-fracking campaigners have been found guilty of

Animal rights activist convicted as repression of activists in the UK intensifies

An animal rights activist has been convicted of conspiracy to blackmail

From Olympic spectacle to social crisis: review of Future Suspended

Review: Crisis-Scape’s new film invites us in to the shadows of

Ahava blockaders’ Supreme Court appeal fails, but campaign remains victorious

An appeal to the Supreme Court by two campaigners against the

Campaigner followed from home by Counter Terror Command

An activist involved in the campaign against the forthcoming NATO summit

Sireen Khudairy Released

Yesterday we reported that Sireen Khudairy had been arrested by the

Take action against the arrest and harassment of Sireen Khudairy

Corporate Watch is calling for solidarity with Sireen Khudairy, a 24

Corporate Watch condemns the killing of journalist Kawa Mohammed Ahmed

Kawa Mohammed Ahmed was killed by a group of gunmen outside

Photos of Israeli tear gas canisters fired at Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza ‘buffer zone’

On 2nd November 2013 Israeli forces fired tear gas at Palestinians

Top Tory donors visit Sri Lanka for Commonwealth business deals

Ahead of David Cameron’s controversial visit to Sri Lanka on Friday,

Tory donor Lycamobile linked to Sri Lankan President’s family businesses

Corporate Watch has found business links between low cost phone company

Palestinian prisoners’ association calls for the prosecution of G4S

Hussam Association, a Gaza based organisation of current and former Palestinian

FOR SALE: Top UK riot cops. EXPORT: To war zones and dictators

Meet Ineqe Group, the Belfast security consultancy with a bizarre mix

Corporate Watch condemns police harassment

Corporate Watch researchers are repeatedly subjected to police harassment: This year,

Fighting repression of our movements

Tom Anderson, a researcher for Corporate Watch, has been stopped under