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Government misled parliament over nuclear power

A new report by Unlock Democracy and The Association for the

Battle over fracking continues

A new report has found that exploiting shale gas reserves would

Resistance to fracking gains momentum

Last week saw a number of significant events in the world

Resistance against tar sands and Keystone XL pipeline growing stronger

In the two weeks up to 3rd September, 1,253 people were

Fracking the UK

As Cuadrilla Resources and its corporate backers were getting excited by

Update on the GM industry in the UK and beyond

Controversial GM plans that will allow genetically modified crops to enter

The ‘Organised Irresponsibility’ of GM corporations and a new generation of GM activism.

Genetically Modified (GM) crops are on the rise within the EU.

U-Turn on Carbon Capture and Storage

U-Turn on Carbon Capture and Storage The conservative party pledged, before

The matrix of the Philippine mining industry

This introductory article was written for Corporate Watch by activists from

Will Europe become completely genetically modified?

On 13th July the European Commission (EC) approved changes to genetic

ExxonMobil give $600 million to create ‘synthetic life’

John Craig Venter, the controversial American geneticist, and his team at

EDF given the go-ahead for nuclear power plants

EDF Energy has received sufficient reassurances from the new Liberal Democrat

Vale-Inco strike now longest in Sudbury Basin history

The longest industrial dispute in over 100 years of mining operations

Police condone covert Internet surveillance

The City of London police have recently dropped their inquiries into

IDentity politics: new biometric cards for foreign nationals

The Home Office has introduced new biometric ID cards for two