The next Serco scandal: overcharging the NHS

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Outsourcing giant Serco is embroiled in another misuse of public funds scandal after a company it set up overcharged NHS hospitals millions of pounds, as revealed by Corporate Watch and the Independent today.

Internal documents leaked to Corporate Watch suggest Britain’s biggest pathology provider, established by Serco in partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals in London, overcharged the hospitals millions of pounds for tests and services.

The venture – first called GSTS and now trading under the name Viapath – has been dogged by allegations of cost-cutting and clinical failings since it started. Internal documents show increasing concern amongst senior consultants who claimed that staff cuts and a lack of investment since privatisation left some laboratories close to disaster.

In internal emails clinicians said the company had an “inherent inability… to understand that you cannot cut corners and put cost saving above quality.” The trust and Viapath say the problems have now been resolved. But this only happened after the intervention of senior medical staff and changes to the structure of the joint venture that reduced Serco’s role.

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